Associate Project Manager


As an Associate Project Manager, it will be your responsibility to support your Project Manager or Programme Manager in the delivery of large projects, while managing multiple small projects as part of the programme. 

The Delivery team at AnalogFolk is not just a department within the agency. We are the folk that enable teams to collaborate and achieve more than the sum of our parts. Laying the foundation on all work to succeed and give folk the confidence to take responsibility & freedom to make decisions. We provide a framework and culture of openness that allows AF to deliver work of purpose and performance against our values.

Delivery is responsible for the end-to-end lifecycle of the project and the collaboration of internal and external project teams. Creating transparent, on-going, relations with clients to ensure trust in our expertise to deliver what is right for their brand and customers. 

WHAT YOU’LL DO / Roles & Responsibilities

  • Manage the successful delivery of projects to exact time and quality levels, meeting deadlines and working within project estimates.
  • Understand all project requirements and why AF is carrying out the project. 
  • Plan and defining projects for validation with Programme Manager.
  • Creating, tracking and monitoring overall projects, burn rates and financial progress. 
  • Prepare for, attends and contributes to client meetings along with other team members. 

THE EFFECT YOU’LL HAVE / Measurement & performance

  • Working with Resource Management to ensure the right resource is booked based on skillset and capabilities required for the project. 
  • Learns new Delivery methodologies, to ensure an understanding of AF Delivery framework.
  • Author weekly project status reports, acknowledging, managing and appropriately escalating any overruns or risks accordingly.  
  • Plans, prepare for and run project team meetings, ensuring meeting objectives are met and documented as required. 

WHAT YOU’VE DONE / Skills & Experience

  • Have the ability to communicate and collaborate effectively. 
  • Be a clear communicator encouraging teamwork and collaboration.  
  • Be open to different ways of working, adapting according to the needs of the team. 
  • Have a strong understanding of standard project documentation, including timelines, resourcing and scopes of work. 
  • Can show an ability to manage project budgets and deliver within parameters of. 

WHO WE ARE / Values & Behaviour

At AnalogFolk we use digital to make the analog world better. That means work that helps people in some way. Instead we strive to create experiences that are remarkable and fundamentally valuable.

Find a Way

Possesses an open mind and positive attitude in approach to work.

Fail brilliantly

Takes feedback on board and applies it to change future behaviours.

Be Remarkable

Is innovative, displaying enthusiasm and aptitude for creating new ideas and new ways of working. 

Be Nice

Is respectful and open to others opinions, even when different to their own.

Makes Things.

Is focused and committed in their approach to producing high quality work.