Analog Folk

Period Policy

AnalogFolk Group has made its period policy open source. It is available for any company to adopt and adapt:


AFG is committed to promoting equality, diversity and the rights of all Folk to be treated fairly.

This policy sets out the rights of folks affected by menstrual symptoms and explains the support available to them.

We want our folk to feel more comfortable having open conversations about menstrual and menopausal health. Ultimately, we want to reduce stress and anxiety by having a proper conversation around the impact of periods in the workplace that have been stigmatised and silenced for too long.

Our policy includes:

  • Support and flexibility in managing work around your period

  • One full day of paid leave each month where needed

  • Encouraging terminology that is inclusive

  • Free period products, including tampons, pads and hot water bottles

Menstrual symptoms

We recognise that menstrual symptoms can affect people differently. Some people may experience little or no symptoms and for others, menstrual symptoms may affect their daily lives.

While menstrual symptoms vary between different people and different cycles, some of the most common symptoms experienced in the weeks before or during a period include:

  • mood swings

  • depression

  • anxiety

  • irritability

  • tiredness

  • insomnia

  • stomach cramping

  • headaches

All sounding familiar?

Our commitment to you

We believe that normalising this conversion and providing support to our folk is long overdue. We also recognise the desire for discretion and how unique menstrual cycles are for everyone.

If you experience adverse menstrual symptoms, help is at hand, as follows:

  1. A space to stretch

Firstly, we will provide a private space in the office, where it’s possible to lie down and stretch.

We are aware that back aches or sore muscles, caused by menstrual symptoms,  can benefit from stretching even just for a couple of minutes.

  1. Period products

We ensure that period products, including tampons, pads and hot water bottles are available in all toilet facilities in the office.

In addition to safeguarding period dignity for our folks, we also want to help eradicate period poverty. Therefore, our London office has partnered with Hey Girls, a 'buy-one', 'donate-one' social enterprise, who create plant-powered period products that fund the fight to end period poverty in the UK. 

All our period products provided in our Amsterdam office will be supplied by Yoni, who create sustainable period products, created with the belief that the time has come to open up, share our stories, and care for our bodies at every stage of life.

  1. Managing your symptoms

There is no expectation on you to work if you are unwell because of symptoms related to your menstrual cycle.

For milder symptoms, our culture at AFG already allows for flexibility in working arrangements, for example, we encourage our folk to block out time in their calendar to reduce meetings on days that they have menstrual symptoms.

Our folk are also able to take one full day of paid leave each month where needed. This will not be deducted from your holiday or sickness entitlement. Unfortunately, this leave will not accrue or roll over month to month.

You do not have to disclose that your absence is related to menstruation if you wish to keep this private. However, we want you to feel that you can be open about the reason for your leave with your manager or HR (if preferred).

  1. EAP (London only) 

Experiencing adverse menstrual symptoms can be stressful, which we know can have an impact on both physical and mental wellbeing. If you’re suffering from stress or anxiety caused by your symptoms, support is also available through our employee assistance programme (EAP) with Health Assured. You can use our EAP to speak to an independent adviser on a confidential basis about any issue that is troubling you. You can access the EAP by calling 0844 8910353 or logging in online via

This policy does not form part of your contract of employment, and we reserve the right to amend or withdraw it at any time.