When the only people who can enact affective climate change are global leaders, how do we get them to fight for the policies we need? By uniting 1 billion voices for change.


Redefine what’s considered to be a  digital signature for the mobile age so everyone can be heard and sign Live Earth’s pledge for climate action.



Live Earth is more than a concert with purpose, it’s a platform that enables billions of people across the planet to unify around a single cause: climate change.

In place of your typical online pledge, we gave fans the ability to add their signature to Live Earth’s climate demands through text message, audio, video and web signature, making it easier for individuals to join Live Earth’s cause with a more personal touch.

The central web destination for Live Earth seamlessly gave individuals the opportunity to add their voice to a growing chorus of celebrities, businesses, influencers and everyday individuals in their own words.


Through simple, effective design, cinematics and the power of popular culture, the Live Earth website became more just an online petition, it cut through the clutter and effectively spearheaded change at the UN Climate Summit in Paris, helping influence global leaders to develop the most progressive environmental plan since the Kyoto Protocols.

We allowed individuals to feel greater ownership over the Live Earth pledge, adding a human element to the idea of a digital signature, uniting individuals in countries across the globe and effectively allowing them to harmonize a single message.