Senior Full-Stack Developer

Different projects, technologies, and industries have given you extensive experience. At this moment your understanding of technology can go from specific details to overall platforms, full solutions and integrations covering performance, SEO and security.

You work with a large variety of team members and can inspire whilst providing valid opinion. Knowledge of UX, strategy and design are present and that helps you shape and make decisions on technology solutions and approaches. You can handle the responsibilities of managing and mentoring less experienced team members.

Innovation and prototyping is your mandate, you will be tasked with ensuring all projects small and large inspire and innovate. Prototypes are a tool we use to educate and bring ideas to life, the ability to quickly go from idea to working (non-production) code is a must.

In this role, you will...

  • Lead innovation in projects and be an expert on your chosen technology
  • Discover and explain to others new technologies
  • Be able to create plans and help less experienced developers to grow in their knowledge and maturity
  • Understand and make decisions on what technology trends to follow either for a project or an overall department
  • Teach standards and best practices
  • Develop close to bug free code
  • Be able to explain process and methodologies
  • Take ideas into proof of concept prototypes

This is technology agnostic and should be the foundation of every great developer at this level.


  • Write code that follows best practices and standards, and is done with a component/re-usability mentality. Most importantly it's properly tested/documented and takes into consideration important aspects such as:
    • Performance
    • Security
    • Efficiency
  • Teach and pro-actively mentor less experienced members on the above
  • Lead a project to make sure that code is production ready (code reviews and approvals for the release process)
  • Own or work directly with the Technical Director on the code delivery process (via continuous integration, git or through a third party)


  • Anticipate possible problems, propose solutions to make sure risks are highlighted and mitigations are in place
  • Work closely with UX/Design/Project Management, make decisions and balance technical feasibility, budget and other project restrictions
  • Create functional specifications when required
  • Take the lead of project tasks such as estimation and decisions around technology stack


  • Start having an impact on the team by either performing or helping less experienced team members on the following:
    • Brown Bags
    • Code Reviews
    • Showing cool stuff
    • Finding new libraries and/or frameworks
  • Act as part of the Technology advocacy team to help showcase the proper attitude towards constant innovation, improvement and project collaboration.

Skills (Must-Have)

  • HTML & CSS
  • JavaScript
  • ES6
  • OOP Principles
  • React, React Native, NodeJS
  • MySQL
  • API design and development
  • RESTful Services
  • MySQL and MongoDB.
  • Server configs (Node.js || Apache || Nginx)
  • Build tools (Grunt || Gulp || WebPack)
  • CSS Preprocessor (SASS || LESS)
  • Git (source tree or similar GUIs)
  • NPM or similar dependency management tooling
  • Familiar with SPAs (Single Page Applications)
  • Experience with Responsive/Adaptive builds
  • Familiar with at least one backend language (Java || PHP || .NET)
  • Knowledge of CSS methodologies such as OOCSS, BEM, SMACSS, etc.
  • A good understanding of SEO best practice for both web design and development
  • Networking
  • Performance analysis

Extended Skills (Nice to Have)

  • Server configs extended (Apache || Nginx || J2EE || ISS)
  • PostgreSQL
  • Angular
  • Good understanding of accessibility on the web (WCAG || WAI || ARIA)
  • Git Flow
  • Design patterns
  • Docker
  • Micro computing experience (Arduino || Raspberry Pi)
  • Animation experience with SVG, Canvas
  • Shader knowledge
  • Product design understanding

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We're ambitious as an agency, for our clients, and most importantly for our team. We want them to flourish, learn and grow, helping them achieve everything they want.

That's why we can offer clever, creative and enthusiastic people the freedom to experiment, innovate and work in an open and collaborative way in an award winning independent global agency.

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