Analog Folk

Be an impactful agency of change for people, brands and society in pursuit of a better world.

We are an agency of impact. Our progressive work

moves our people, our industry and our world forward. 

We believe it's not what we say, but what we do that

matters. Every one of our Folk is an empowered agent

of change and we will use our platform to make the

world we want to live in, together.


Our global leadership targets aim to create alignment, consistency and drive systematic change across the network, starting from the top down:


Global leadership*

2023 (year end)

Global leadership*






People of Colour


People of Colour

*Leadership refers to the top executive/discipline leads in our company, across all AnalogFolk offices

**People of Colour


Our policies are currently being developed and aim to drive maximum impact by ensuring all our efforts are focused on creating change across key areas. They are:

Ethnicity & Gender
pay gap reporting

We have begun annual ethnicity and gender pay gap reporting. Results will be published publicly.

Inclusive Recruitment

50% of all recruitment candidates (not selection candidates) are from underrepresented groups and communities. 

Client Collaboration

Client service leads receive guidance on how to handle client direction that’s not in keeping with best practice in terms of diversity and inclusion.

Partner Diversity

We have established a clear set of principles whereby all partners, in particular production teams must be diverse and mindful of on-screen talent casting.

Folk Awareness

All new joiners in all local offices and the global team must undertake allyship and anti-racism training.


Our programmes aim to support and embed change across all offices, helping everyone to take actionable steps towards
our shared ambition.

Allyship and
Anti-racism training

All our Folk have taken part in Allyship training with Bami Kuteyi (Bami Kuteyi Consulting). To continue our Allyship work, we have 15 volunteers across the network who are our Allyship Ambassadors.

Societal projects 

We champion and invest in up to two societal projects each year. We continue to use our proprietary Ai language tool, BigUp.AI, that helps you self-promote with impact.

Want to find out more?

If you want to find out more about our North Star and the impact we are making, please get in touch.